Our Services

  • A child friendly atmosphere for recording interviews, on-site medical evaluations and assessments, utilizing “state of the art” technology.
  • Coordination and facilitation of investigative, legal, social, medical and mental health services through a model “team” approach.
  • Multi-disciplinary team (law enforcement, prosecution, mental health, social services, child protection team) case reviews and case tracking through the Center’s case advocate program.
  • Mental health services – full-time licensed mental health therapists help reduce the trauma abused children suffer.  They save and restore lost childhoods.
  • Community resources for information, referral and help.
  • Professional training and educational presentations at the community, state, and national level.
  • Darkness to Light child sexual abuse prevention program targeted at organizations working with children to include churches and daycares.
  • Family services fund for immediate critical needs of children and families.
Children's Advocacy Centers are the best way to get abused kids all the services they need, all in one place, and to help kids go on to thrive. Here's how CACs work.